S-Class Luxury Saloon

S-Class Luxury Saloon

first class - e class

Max Passengers: 2
Max Luggage: 2

Our First Class Mercedes Benz Luxury Saloon is a pinnacle of the high life. With all the amazing features of our E-Class, our S-Class also boasts heated seats, reclining rear seats, armrests, extra legroom, and privacy blinds for those who want time to themselves. Can you remember the last time you were treated like royalty on your daily travels? Look no further, we can create that experience for you today!

Features: Air Conditioning, Leather Interior, Heated Seats, Reclining Rear Seats, Arm Rests, Extra Legroom, Privacy Blinds, On-Board WiFi
Bottled Water

Do you need a Chauffeur Driven First Class Luxury Saloon in Ireland? Premier Chauffeur Drive is your number one safe, reliable, full-service chauffeur company. With one of the most updated and luxurious fleet, we are passionate about serving you with the highest quality at the lowest prices.
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